What Can I Do For You?

Web Design Illustration

UX and UI Design

Great design is the result of well-formulated questions to the right people. I base my concepts on user reasearch, an effort to understand the complete picture; not just a specific piece of an app or site, and goals of the business.

Frontend Development

I write standards-based HTML and CSS, together with some JavaScript. I’ve worked extensively with both Ruby on Rails, and WordPress (which might be the weirdest combo ever).

Frontend Illustration
Workshop Illustration


If you’re an educator, a manager, or a conference organizer, I’ve given a few talks, and have begun to dabble with workshops. I can speak on a wide range of topics, like design, development, growing remote teams, and more.

How I Like to Work

  1. Work on a Week by Week Basis
    Instead of setting random deadlines for a project, we sit down on Monday, and define what we’ll accomplish within the week.

  2. One Project at a Time
    Many independent designers and developers work on more than one project concurrently. I don’t. I only work with one client at a time. You have my full attention and time.

  3. The Right Technology for You
    I have a wide range of technological expertise. We work together to decide the right technology for your site or app. I’m not into fitting square pegs into round holes.

Tim’s designs integrated perfectly with Webform.com, taking into consideration our existing styles but elaborating in an “outside the box” approach. Tim helped take our site in a new direction to improve not only the look but also the usability. It was a pleasure to work with Tim. Nathan Haug, Webform.com
I was impressed by how well [Tim] “got” us. He did not have the advantage of a physical visit to our beautiful property, but he seemed to fall in love with us and helped to show our best side at every opportunity. Laura Engle, Homewoods on the Willamette
The CMS built for Goodstuff took all the usual work that’s required to publish a podcast on the web and lets me focus on simply recording podcasts. Not having to worry about re-entering metadata through iTunes’ constantly changing interfaces, making sure links are saved properly during recordings or even that the MP3 file is in the right location on the web are all things I don't have to worry about thanks to the CMS built by Tim Smith. Chris Enns, Goodstuff Broadcasting, LLC.
On-Air gives our hosts exactly what they need to create notes, upload audio, and manage their show on their own. The show management interface is fantastic; simple and intuitive for both beginners and professionals. Kyle Roderick, Goodstuff Broadcasting, LLC.
Tim was fantastic to work with! He had great ideas for the site and understood what I was looking for, sometimes even before I did! He was patient with me and my limited knowledge of the logistics and taught me what I needed to know to maintain and update my site. The whole project ran smoothly and I am beyond thrilled with the final results! Summer Harsh, Summer Harsh Botanical Artistry

When I’m Available

My work week is limited to 30 hours. If you need more time in a week, I try to be flexible if possible. A week is considered booked once you've signed my consulting agreement, and a deposit has been paid.

Jul 6–Jul 10: Book your project
Jul 13–Jul 17: Book your project
Jul 20–Jul 24: Book your project
Jul 27–Jul 31: Book your project
Aug 3–Aug 7: Book your project
Aug 10–Aug 14: Book your project
Aug 17–Aug 21: Book your project
Aug 24–Aug 28: Book your project
Aug 31–Sep 4: Book your project
Sep 7–Sep 11: Book your project